UNI: World’s Most Advanced True Wireless Earbuds

Long gone are the days of tangled wires and cumbersome earphones. We live in a wireless age, and every day(almost) we hear about the launch of a new wireless. Vinyl Communications is also launching its own brand of wireless earbuds UNI. And at the time of writing this article, their Indiegogo campaign is already funded […]

TicPods Free : Most Interactive Wireless Earbuds

Ever wanted Apple’s Air Pods, only better? TicPods Free won’t let you down. These interactive wireless earbuds from Mobvoi¬†promise to offer a lot of features while being affordable.   TicPods in action: TicPods are truly wireless and are designed for life on the move. Being water resistant, you don’t have to worry about sweat when […]

Cloudfare Launches DNS Resolver For Faster And Safer Internet

We bet we had you at “Faster and Safer Internet”. Cloudfare recently launched its own DNS service at Cloudfare claims this to be a fast and private way to browse the internet.   What makes different is its implementation, which makes it the fastest resolver out there. It doesn’t sell your data to […]

Light Phone 2: Just the essentials

Have you ever wanted a phone with just the basics? Make some calls, send some messages, do some navigation, that kind of thing? If your answer is yes. Light Phone 2 and you are made for each other. This minimalist phone is based on e-ink technology and has just the basic features (which we’re gonna […]

Gotype: Wireless Keyboard With BT Speaker

Do you own a tablet? And wonder if you had a portable keyboard allowing you to work anytime and anywhere? If you did, then this wireless keyboard from GoTEK is what you are looking for. Gotype from GoTEK, along with being a portable keyboard also acts as a bluetooth speaker. Pretty neat, right? Gotype Gotype […]

Google Lens Now Available For iOS

Google is officially rolling out its Google Lens feature for iOS. Exciting times! For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Google Lens, it’s an app that allows you to find relevant information from an image using the technique of visual analysis. Here’s the feed from Google Photos official twitter account:   Starting today […]

Beats Pill+ : Old speaker, new love

I’m sure you’ve already heard of Beats, which makes amazing headphones and speakers. And we all know they are well known for the sound quality their products deliver. Beats Pill+ is a bluetooth offering by Beats, that produces great sound quality. This speaker is by no means the latest and greatest in the market, since […]