Beats Pill+ : Old speaker, new love

I’m sure you’ve already heard of Beats, which makes amazing headphones and speakers. And we all know they are well known for the sound quality their products deliver. Beats Pill+ is a bluetooth offering by Beats, that produces great sound quality. This speaker is by no means the latest and greatest in the market, since this was launched way back in 2015. But is also by no means a bad one.

I recently started using it and totally loving it. So here are my thoughts:


The first you’ll notice is that Beats Pill+ is shaped as a (Surprise, surprise!) a pill. I’m sure you would have guessed. The speaker itself is very sturdy and has 4 buttons; a rubber power button, a metallic play/pause control and 2 rubber buttons for volume control. And you can buy this speaker in 3 colors now; white, black and red.

BeatsPill - Front

BeatsPill - Front1

BeatsPill - Front2

Beats Pill+ also has a charge outlet, using which you can charge any device which can be connected using a USB cable. It also has a 3-5mm auxiliary port to physically connect your phone to the speaker if you do not want to use the bluetooth feature. And you can charge this speaker using a lightening port.

BeatPill - Back

Beats Pill+ is not super light, but it’s very portable and you can easily carry it in your bag.

BeatsPill - Size

BeatsPill - Vertical

BeatsPill - Front3

Sound Quality

Beats Pill+ has a decent sound quality. The bass is good, the mid and lows sound great, highs are okay. The speaker is loud enough to fill a medium sized room. There’s nothing ground breaking here, but for an average consume, this is a good product, especially with a $180 price tag.

Battery life

Well, I have seen other reviewers mentioning that they were able to get 12 hours of battery life with 50% volume. And I’ve always played it at full volume and consistently got around 5 hours of usage. So, I’d say it’ll depend upon how you use it, but 5 hours is still decent for a bluetooth speaker.

Software Features

Now this is where Beats Pill+ really shines. You get the ability to pair 2 speakers to get a louder sound experience. Also, one can be used as a left and other as a right audio channel creating a stereo sound experience.

Conclusion: Beats Pill+

If you’re looking for a portable bluetooth speaker, which is decently loud and has good sound quality, buy Beats Pill+ without thinking twice. If you’re an audiophile and want a perfect speaker, I’ll suggest to look elsewhere.


Do you own a Beats Pill+ or are planning to buy one? Lemme know your thoughts about it in the comment section below.


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