Gadgets Under $10

Are you looking for a budget gift option? Or just some cool gadgets under $10? You’ve come to the right place.

1. Arctic USB fan

Arctic’s compact and light USB fan is a portable fan for your laptop, or for that matter anywhere you have a USB outlet. Just plug it in and enjoy the cool breeze. Arctic USB fan is an ultra silent fan with 1700RPM. And it’s flexible, so you can bent it in any direction you’d like to.

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2. Kobra LED Color Changing Bulb

Want a fancy LED color changing bulb without spending a lot on those smart lights? This LED bulb from Kobra is the perfect option. It has a remote control for extra convenience and has 12 different color shades.


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3. Ugreen Audio Splitter

Ever wanted to share the song that you’re listening to with a close one of yours? This audio splitter from Ugreen allows you to do just that.

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4. inCharge Charging Cable

Do you frequently find yourself looking for charging cables? It’s high time you got this ultra portable version from inCharge. It comes in a portable keyring, which makes it unforgettable to carry with you.

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5. Pop Sockets

Keep dropping your phone a lot? Here’s a simple solution – Pop Socket!

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So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order some for yourself!


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