Nokia 8 Sirocco : Is it really a 2018 flagship?

Nokia has announced its 2018 flagship android phone Nokia 8 Sirocco. And today we’re gonna go over its specifications to find out if it is really a 2018 flagship.

Nokia 8 Sirocco - Front


Nokia 8 Sirocco has a 5.5″ QHD pOLED display, made of Gorilla Glass 5. It is made of a single piece of stainless steel. And the gorilla glass extends to both front and back. Nokia has also chosen to go with a familiar 16:9 aspect ratio as compared to other flagships in 2017 and 18 who preferred a 18:9 or 18.5:9 aspect ratio. This new aspect ratio makes the phone look taller.

Nokia 8 Sirocco - Back

Nokia 8 Sirocco - Tilted Front


Nokia 8 Sirocco uses a 12MP rear camera with 2x optical zoom. And along with the regular camera mode, you also get a PRO mode using which you can adjust white balance, focus, shutter speed and a lot of other parameters.┬áNokia has always been known to emphasize more on cameras, and this phone is in line with Nokia’s ideology.


Nokia 8 Sirocco comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which is enough for every kind of user out there. You now get the ability to charge wirelessly, and you can get a 50% in 30 minutes.

Now here’s where things feel a little outdated. Nokia, for some bizarre reason, chose to go with Snapdragon 835, while all other 2018 flagships are on Snapdragon 845.


No surprises here. Sirocco will run on Android 8 Oreo, and Nokia promises two years of upgrades. But this android is based on Android One, like the previous iterations of Nokia android phones [Android One], which brings AI powered innovations and enhanced security. Moreover, you’ll get the pure android experience without any skins or customizations.

Conclusion – Nokia 8 Sirocco worth buying?

Nokia 8 Sirocco feels like a premium device. Despite using a 2017 processor, it should still handle all the available applications in play store without any hiccups. Snapdragon 845 should have been the ideal choice, but Nokia chose against it. And this might hurt the sales a bit. Taking all this into consideration, the price would be a deciding factor for this phone. Feature-wise Nokia 8 Sirocco doesn’t seems to be offering a lot worth considering.


Source: Nokia Official


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