Ubittek case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Today we’re gonna review Ubittek’s resilient shock absorption and carbon fiber design case for Samsung Galaxy S8. So let’s get to it:


This case by Ubittek is a minimal case that provides lowest level of protection for your device. So, if you happen to drop your phone by 6 feet, I highly doubt that your phone will survive. This case is for people who want to protect their devices from short drops, scratches and things alike. It’s a very light weight case and you would hardly notice it on the phone.



Trust me when I say this – you’re gonna love how this case feels in your hands. Ubittek has done a great job here. The case is super grippy and a textured look at the back (Image above). It’s highly unlikely that this case is going to slip from your hands.

Ease of installation

This is the second best part of having this case (after grip) – ease of installation. It takes no time at all to install it on Galaxy S8 and is again very easy to remove if you need to remove the dust underneath it. It doesn’t fit very tightly on the S8, which is not always a bad thing, and same is the case with this one.

Case in action

Here are some pics with the Samsung Galaxy S8 inside Ubittek’s case:


Conclusion : Ubittek case for Samsung Galaxy S8

I would recommend this case solely for it’s grippy texture, slim design and ease of installation. If protection against drops is your main criteria, I would look elsewhere. But otherwise, the case is a solid buy.

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